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About me

My name is Ed, short for Edgar. I grew up in London but spent most of my childhood in boarding schools. I attended two boarding schools which were both out in the English countryside. This is probably one of the reasons that I love the outdoors, nature and adventure.

Many years of messing around in forests, making camps and tree houses, hunting, long adventures and planning and going on expeditions with friends has continued and grown in scale to what I do now - organise great adventures and travels.

I spent a lot of time in Japan as well as my mother is Japanese. Along with this blog, I have a travel guide to Japan, called Kansai Local. If you are planning a trip to Japan, head over to my other website Kansailocal.com!  

The idea of this travel blog is to inspire you to take the off ‘the beaten path’ angle when you travel - to see the less touristy things and for me to share with you my way of seeing things. The attention to detail, however small and random yet significant. Journey with me and I am sure you will travel in a different, more fulfilling way.